Permanent magnet shaft generators in marine

Although permanent magnet (PM) machines are now becoming more popular in marine propulsion applications, they have not yet had their breakthrough in ship power generation. Now by coupling a PM shaft generator with a frequency converter, ships can be powered with the maximum amount of freedom in optimizing the engine and propeller efficiencies. Additionally, a PM generator results in significant fuel savings and helps fulfill the tightening emission regulations.

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We have challenged the wind industry, first by making permanent magnet generators (PMG) and full-power converters (FPC) the preferred technology for wind turbines, and now by enabling the technology to be commercially available. Our product portfolio covers all wind power applications from 1 MW to 8 MW and higher, including direct-drive, medium-speed and high-speed PMGs. Our FPCs are optimized to work with our PMGs as a fully optimized drive train package.

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The Switch windpower

Permanent magnet generator


The Switch offers three different topologies to cover all wind power applications from 1 MW to 8 MW and higher: direct-driven, medium-speed and high-speed. Each topology is designed to best match specific wind conditions and the required turbine designs.

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The Switch FPCs are optimized to work with a range of PMG concepts. Designed for the best overall system efficiency and highest-level reliability, the robust line inverters demonstrate superior grid connection behavior and fulfill the world’s strictest grid code requirements for harmonics, flicker and FRT.

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